Afterwork Doc'J Boardgames

Afterwork Doc'J Boardgames

10 October 2016

Bat. 211, 1st floor (salle Chanteclerc)

​Did you like the billiard last time? Or you could not come and you cryied? Do not worry anymore because Doc'Jeux - 9th edition - is back!

If you like boardgames, crazy challenges and epic twists, come join us! Yolo!
As always, come with some food or soft drinks, so that we don't starve! Here is the doodle to indicate what you intent to bring: clic and answer here
Useful information: Tuesday 11th of October at 17h30, in Bat. 211, 1st floor (salle Chanteclerc).


Finally, here is the link for carpooling: clic here.
See you!


Publication date : 13 September 2023